Recent Speeches & Presentations

College Discounting Does Students a Disservice in Forbes, August 2014

Forbes August 5, 2014

Can We Keep Higher Education Affordable? CIC Keynote Address, November 2012

Keynote address, Council of Independent College’s Chief Academic Officer’s Institute, San Antonio, Texas, November 6, 2012

What Should the Board Know to Assure that Its institution is Operating Efficiently and Effectively?

Idea Exchange, Association of Governing Board’s Annual Meeting, San Francisco, April, 2013

Can Women Have It All

Panel discussion sponsored by the Women’s Mentoring and Leadership Alliance, New York City March 20, 2013

Where to Spend Scarce Resources: The Case of Three Liberal Arts Colleges

Council of Independent College’s President’s Institute, Palm Harbour, Florida January 5, 2013

What Presidents are Talking About

Women’s Leadership Institutes in Florida and California sponsored ACUI, November 30th, December 1st and 5th, 2011

Benchmarking Women’s Leadership and a Collective Action Agenda

National Council for Research on Women Western Regional Conference in Pomona, CA

Benchmarking Women’s Leadership

Montgomery, AL Chamber of Commerce Annual Diversity Summit

Women in the Board Room and in the President’s Office: What Difference Does it Make?

Panel discussion at the Association of Governing Board’s Annual Meeting in Los Angeles

Council for Independent Colleges Tuition Pricing and Discounting Workshop

Council for Independent Colleges

Profile of Chief Financial Officers with Ken Redd

NACUBO annual conference in San Francisco

Benchmarking Women’s Leadership

NACUBO Annual Conference in San Francisco

Tuition Discounting with Sandy Baum

Student Financial Aid Research Conference in San Diego

How to Save Resources: Creative Solutions to Cost Containment

Keynote address to the California Association of Institutional Researchers, Pasadena, CA

Enrollment and Endowment Management with Sandy Baum

Presented 12 times throughout Japan

How to Think About Cost and Cost Containment

webinar for Magna Publications

Tuition Discounting is Everyone’s Business

with Reagan Ramsower, Tally Hart and Tom Taylor at the NACUBO annual meeting in New Orleans

Tuition Discounting: Not Just a Private Sector Practice Anymore

with Sandy Baum at the NASFAA Annual Meeting

Washington, D.C.

Tuition Discounting: Not Just a Private Sector Practice Anymore

with Sandy Baum at the AGB Annual Meeting

Phoenix, AZ

Are Need-Based Aid and Merit Aid Competing Compatible Policy Goals?

panel discussion at the ACE Annual Meeting

Washington, DC

Tuition Discounting: Not Just a Private College Issue

with Sandy Baum at the Steinhardt Institute at NYU

New York, NY

Cost Containment and Institutional Quality

invited address to University of Pennsylvania alums from the Doctorate in Education Program

Philadelphia, PA

Cost, Quality and Access in Higher Education

luncheon plenary with Britt Kirwan at the Annual Conference of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Philadelphia, PA

Cost Containment and Institutional Quality

AGB meeting

Pittsburgh, PA

Expensive Policies

AGB meeting

Pittsburgh, PA

New Answers to Old Questions About College Costs

plenary panel at AGB annual meeting

Orlando, FL

A Conversation About College Costs

hosted by AGB

Chicago, IL

A Conversation About College Costs

hosted by AGB

Atlanta, GA

Setting Tuition in an Age of Discounting and Competition

with Sanford Ungar and Anthony Caprio at the Association of Governing Boards Annual Meeting

San Diego

Enrollment Management and Tuition Discounting

Independent Colleges of Indiana Trustees Conference

Indianapolis, IN

Tuition Discounting and Enrollment Management

Council of Independent College’s of Virginia annual meeting of Admissions and Financial Aid Officers

Virginia Beach, VA

A National Treasure: Education and Beyond

Panel at Brown Plus 50: A Renewed Agenda for Social Justice Colloquium at New York University

New York, NY

Improving Lives: Ensuring Academic Success for Low-income Adults

American Council on Education 2004 Annual Meeting

Miami, Florida

The Importance of Student Retention from a Presidential Perspective

USA Funds Conference

Scottsdale, Arizona

Strategic Planning under Fiscal Constraints

American Council on Education

Washington DC

Common Budgeting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: A Budgeting Process for Lean Times


Atlanta, Georgia

Fiscal Foundations and Economic Pressures

American Council of Learned Societies

Williamstown, Massachusetts

Understanding Tuition Discounting

Association of Governing Boards

Baltimore, Maryland

Portfolio Construction: Strategies and Traps

Association of Governing Boards

Baltimore, Maryland